Heat stuck in one room?  Share it with the rest of your house with ThermGuard!

Heat your home with your wood stove, gas stove or fireplace more efficiently!

ThermGuardtm increases the efficiency of your wood or gas stove by turning on your furnace fan periodically during the day and night. This action circulates the warm air throughout your home and heats your home more evenly.  Effectively a furnace fan timer!

No more worries about freezing pipes in your hot-water heated home!

ThermGuardtm works with hot-water heated homes by periodically turning on the boiler and circulating a small amount of hot water through your system. It never gives your pipes a chance to freeze!

You save money on your heating bill!


Key Benefits
Simple Installation - typically less than 5 minutes
One-button programming
Works with all low-voltage thermostats (not millivolt)
Permits lower temperatures in unused rooms in your home
Eliminates anti-freeze and heat tape on hot-water heat pipes in crawl spaces and other unheated areas of your home
No batteries required - Great for vacation homes
Great for manufactured homes with wood stoves
  Actual Size 2 1/2 x 1 1/2
    ThermGuard Price: $69.99 USD
                           Free Shipping!
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Last modified: 01/21/2014